Recruitment of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) for the 2024/25FY
(Miyakonojo City Schools and Education Division)

We are recruiting people to assist with the Foreign Language curriculum and English lessons in Miyakonojo’s elementary and junior high schools.

1 Place of employment: Elementary/Junior High Schools within Miyakonojo (1-4 Schools)

2 Work hours: 8.30am to 12.30pm (four hours per day from Mon-Fri, totaling up to 20h)

3 Candidates should be non-Japanese citizens living within or around the city, who either: use English as their native language, use English as their primary communication language, or have an advanced level of English language ability with a knowledge of contemporary standard pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.

4 Salary: 2,630 Yen per hour (provisional) plus travel expenses for distances over 2km and bonuses (paid June & December)

5 Examination: There will be an interview and candidates will be required to give a mock lesson. The details of the interview and mock lesson will be communicated at a later date.

6 Applications are open until Thursday, February 15th. Please bring your CV and a copy of your residence (zairyū) card to the Schools and Education Division (Miyakonojo City Hall South Wing 2F)

7 Positions available: Few

8 Inquiries: Miyakonojo City Schools and Education Division. Phone: 0986-23-9544