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Preparing for Evacuation

The 3 Stages of Preparing for Evacuation

There are three stages for preparing for evacuation.

1st stage - Information concerning evacuation preparation

This information is issued if it is anticipated that dangerous conditions may occur due to heavy rains or a typhoon. You will be warned to prepare your valuables and foodstuffs and are urged to evacuate early if possible. Let's plan ahead and evacuate early if we can.

2nd stage - Evacuation warning

This warning is issued if a disaster is anticipated to occur. You will be warned that there is a chance conditions may become dangerous and you will be asked to evacuate as soon as possible. If a warning is issued, let's proceed to our designated evacuation areas.

3rd stage - Evacuation instructions

These instructions will be issued if the situation becomes even more dangerous. Please evacuate immediately. If you cannot reach the designated evacuation area safely, please evacuate to a safe place nearby and protect your life.