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Little White Goat Soap (CIR George Goonan)

Australia is now home to a large range of all-natural soaps. While those of you who came to “Bonchi de Travel” in January of this year may already be aware, I just had to talk once more about this company. As to why, Little White Goat Soap is a small business run solely by Caitlin Lindsay, and at the young age of 15!
Her award-winning soaps are quite simply the best, are made in a variety of designs and aromas, are gentle on the skin, and are handmade using 100% all natural ingredients! Little White Goat Soap is located in Wamu-ran, 30 minutes away from Brisbane, in the same Moreton bay region where Miyakonojo’s middle school students go on exchange to. If you have the opportunity to go and try some of their hand-made soap for your-self, I highly recommend you give it a go!

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