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Tim's Wedding (From Ms. Miura Hiroko!)

The first thing I thought about when I was contacted about Australian experiences was Tim’s wedding ceremony on the beach. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, with the groom, the bride, and all of the guests blending in to the beach; that scene has imprinted itself strongly within me. But Tim, his wife and co. had their backs to the sea the entire time… Well, I can certainly recommend being on the attendee’s side. Some 50 years ago, I was one of those rare few who held their wedding ceremony and honeymoon in Hawaii, but a wedding on the beach was still new and exciting to me.
Another thing I thought of was the many places where you can meet Australia’s furry friends, such as Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Featherdale Wildlife Park and the like. When I went in 1996, I once more got to hug a koala, and even got a photo with it to boot! When I went back in 2021, I didn’t even get the chance to touch one. The animal-lover within me did still manage to feed some kangaroos and wild parrots. Australia is truly overflowing charm.
Oh, and there was the winery too!

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