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Australia's Sausage Rolls (Mimata ALT Nigel Johnston)

※This article also appeared in the Mimata Town PR Newsletter November edition, which can be found here.

Sausage Rolls are a traditional light snack in Australia. Typically made in large batches, they store well frozen and are easy to reheat when desired. Combining garlic, rosemary, fennel and other herbs with pork mince into a sausage shape, then wrapped in a light pie pastry, home-made sausage rolls well for outings, at lunch, or even parties. When made at home, you can always adjust the fillings and herbs & spices to suit your tastes. Once the smell of freshly cooked pie pastry fills the kitchen, everyone starts to get impatient, wanting to dig in right away! Sausage rolls were first made in England, but these delicious little morsels are all but an Australian symbol! There are similarities to wiener rolls that you mind find in Japa-nese bakeries, but there are some distinct differences in the filling and pastry. Using some simple frozen pie sheets, anyone can make these sausage rolls at home. Try and make some for yourself, and enjoy the flavours of Australia at home!

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