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◇ Japanese Course for Beginners ◇

Miyakonojo City will be holding a Japanese course for beginners, including studying both Hiragana and Katakana. While the course is free, the textbook that will be used for this class costs 1,100 Yen. If you know of someone who wishes to start studying Japanese, please let them know about this course!
Date: July 10th - August 14th, 2023
Lessons each Monday and Thursday 10 lessons total)
Time: 1:30PM - 3PM
Location: Miyakonojo City Hall North Annex
Capacity: 10 participants
Applications due by June 30th.
Inquiries: Miyakonojo City Hall
Internationalisation Promotion Office
E-mail: intl@city.miyakonojo.miyazaki.jp
TEL: 0986-23-2295