Aussie Bites!

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A visit to the zoo! (From Ms. Iwamatsu!)

I’ve only been to Australia once, but the best part was the zoo! It was a small zoo, but there was a whole bunch of wallabies that weren’t worried about coming up to everyone, and it really gave me that “I’m in Australia” feeling! As soon as I went in, I spotted some pigeon-sized birds with long, pointed beaks, coming to rest on the arms the nearby children presented to them. Just the thought of the kids having to keep careful watch of those birds made my hair stand on end from worrying! There were a number of kids around that were letting these birds rest on their arms or shoulders, and I eventually, with great concern and precaution, had a bird grumpily rest on me! It wasn’t until I was making my way home that I noticed the ice-cream cones that they were holding, all filled with bird feed! That explains why that bird was so grumpy with me!
I also thought that part of its charm was that even for a small zoo, there was such a large and abundant display of stuffed animals for sale! It also surprised me that the large, dense forest wasn’t filled with misty air, but rather with eucalyptus oil! Finally, I absolutely recommend that you try out the fresh seafood cuisine on offer at Sydney Harbour!

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